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We currently provide you access to our QDA software free of charge. We are eager to keep pricing as low and fair as possible for you long term!

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Cost-efficient data analysis

We are committed to a fair low-cost model. You benefit from our efficient cloud and business structure which keeps your cost at a minimum. While it is hard to beat our current price of FREE, we are confident that users will struggle to find a more cost-effective option for qualitative data analysis long term.
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Freedom without minimum subscription time

You don't need to commit long term subscriptions if you only need software for qualitative data analysis for one or two months during your final thesis. We don't believe requiring a minimum months of subscription is user friendly and we will not force such a model on you. We plan to implement discounts for long term commitments though so if you actually need our product for a year or longer, you can get it at an even more attractive price point.

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