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The easy tool for qualitative data analysis

QDAcity is a software for qualitative data analysis (QDA) that helps you organize data from all scientific and non-scientific contexts. It helps you structure, store, and version all your analysis artifacts. Create your free account now. All features of QDAcity are currently free to use.
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New to QDA?

If you are new to QDA we provide guidance, interactive tutorials and an actionable knowledge base along with a clean user interface. QDAcity is one of the most easy to use cloud-based QDA software out there. And an account is free, so there is no reason not to try it

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Collaborative cloud QDA

QDAcity runs completely in the cloud and requires only a web browser to start coding your qualitative data. This means you don't need to install anything on your laptop or PC. You can invite your collaborators to work on your project, and you can even code your qualitative data collaboratively at the same time. Think of it like Google Docs for qualitative data analysis. You can manage your qualitative research projects in user groups with fine grained permissions, or just share projects using an invitation. All your work is safe and professionally backed-up, so you will never lose any of your hard work doing qualitative data analysis.

Automate your interview transcription

QDAcity uses speech-to-text technology to automatically transcribe your interview data from audio files to text, so you can save up your precious time for coding your interviews rather than transcribing them. Because automated transcriptions are not perfect we provide you with tools to clean up the transcription before moving to the interview analysis.

Use better metrics

Of course we provide you with common metrics for qualitative data analysis, but we also created better metrics to help you understand your data and organise your results. QDAcity provides measures for inter-coder reliability and inter-coder agreement. QDAcity also helps you measure theoretical saturation of your qualitative research project.

Cost-efficient data analysis

While other tools will charge you a fortune, we are committed to a fair lowcost model. You benefit from our efficient cloud and business structure which keeps your cost at a minimum. Currently you can even use our full feature set completely free of charge.

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