Transcription Service

Upload audio. Have it transcribed. Analyze document.


QDAcity supports you in transcribing and analyzing your interviews. You can upload you interview data as audio file in .mp3 or .wav format. The audio file is automatically transcribed by using world class speech-to-text techniques and we provide an intuitive software to help you review and clean up the transcription where the computer may have misinterpreted the recording. Once you're satisfied with the transcription you can export the transcription into a format you can start analyzing.
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How to use the service

1. Upload your audio file

After you have recorded your interview, you can upload your audio file at: Add New Document > Upload Interview Media. You can upload your audio in .mp3, .flac or .wav format. Make sure the audio is in mono, not stereo, the file is not larger than 1GB, you select the correct language in the language dropdown.

2. Transcript will be created for you

The service now starts working. While you are waiting you can work on other documents or close the window and do something else. Depending on the length of the recording this may take a monent. Once the transcription service is done with the speech-to-text work, the document will be added to the project and a UI for reviewing and cleaning up the transcription will be provided next time you open the document. While the transcription is ongoing, a progress bar will give you an idea how far it has progressed.

3. Check the transcript

As soon as the transcription is finished, the transcript and the audio track will be displayed. While you play the audio to listen back to the recording the highlighting in the text will move with the progression of the audio, so you can easily read along while you listen, and when you spot a mistake: pause, adjust the text, continue. Now you can check the transcript and correct it if necessary. You can jump to any location in the audio also by clicking on a corresponding position in the text and vice versa.

4. Export the transcript

If the transcript is to your satisfaction, you need to export the transcript for further analysis. To do so click the button in the top right corner (highlighted in the screenshot). This process will convert the transcript into a text file which you can code.

5. Analysis of the transcript

Now you can start your analysis. You can switch to document editing at any time if you want to make corrections or additions.

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