QDA Software for Students

How we support you with your final thesis as a student

Save big πŸ€‘

QDAcity offers students a way to accomplish the qualitative data analysis (QDA) required for a typical Bachelor or Master thesis while being very cost effective. Create a free account and try out if QDAcity works for your student project without any risk. No credit card required.
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QDAcity offers you simplicity. As a student you probably don't need QDA software with a thousand features you will never need for your final thesis. If all you want to do is analyze interview data without losing focus or a good overview of your data, then QDAcity may just be right for you. Or if your work requires a systematic literature review you can accomplish this rigorously and methodologically sound with QDAcity.

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Method support for QDA

If you use QDAcity as a student and qualitative data analysis is new to you, then we hope you will find the methodological guidelines on our help pages for QDA useful. We provide guidance on methodological frameworks like Grounded Theory and Thematic Analysis. You can also find a wealth of information on best practices for qualitative research like Reflexivity, how to document an Audit Trail and how to do Member Checking and Peer Debriefing.

Cloud-Software for QDA

QDAcity running in the cloud offers you multiple benefits. You'll not lose your data if you lose your laptop or USB drive. You have access from any device able to run a modern web browser. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Also, you can invite your supervisor to the project to collaboratively code or get feedback on the state on your analysis.

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